Attorney Conroy Succeeds Before the Connecticut Supreme Court

Attorney Michael Conroy, representing a local resident in defense of an appeal filed by an area hospital, obtained a successful result before the Connecticut Supreme Court this week.  In the appeal, the hospital claimed that Attorney Conroy’s client ought to be held in contempt of court for failing to pay certain costs levied against him following litigation with the hospital.  This was the first time that this issue would be addressed by our appeals courts, so the argument took place before Connecticut’s highest court, the Connecticut Supreme Court.  The seven judge panel heard arguments in December, and has now issued its decision finding in favor of Attorney Conroy’s client and against the hospital! 

Attorney McDonald Prevails on Summary Judgment

Attorney Jeffrey McDonald’s client, a local contractor pursuing a claim for moneys owed on a completed project, successfully defeated the property owner’s motion for Summary Judgment, which claimed that no moneys were owed.  Attorney McDonald’s client will now have his day in court.

Another Successful Month for Hassett & George's Personal Injury Clients

Hassett & George’s personal injury practice group recovered in excess of $250,000 for its clients during the month of April.

David Yale Exonerates Local Police Officers

Attorney David Yale, himself a former police officer, successfully defended four local police officers in a case of “swatting.”  An unknown person called the police and reported gunfire and people shot inside a house.  When the police arrived, they searched the house to ensure that no one was hurt and in need of assistance, but determined the call was false and was intended to harass the home owner.  The homeowner sued the officers in claiming they had no right to enter his house.  The Federal District Court granted judgement in favor of the officers, reasoning that the information given to the officers was specific enough for them to reasonably believe someone in the home may have been shot or in need of aid and that the officers' actions were limited to what was necessary to determine the call was a hoax.

Last Month of 2016 Yields Many Successful Development and Transactional Results for Hassett & George Clients

The last month of the year was extremely productive and exciting for the Development Group of Hassett & George.  Attorney Louis George and Paralegal Crystal Phelps successfully closed seven commercial transactions of various sizes in the last three weeks of the year.  These projects included the purchase and sale of businesses, expansion projects, and lender representation. Many of these projects included land use and environmental approvals prior to the closings.  Upon obtaining these approvals, the closings went off without a hitch providing our clients with greater opportunity to profit in 2017. 

Hassett & George Successfully Resolves Criminal Charges in Client's Favor

This case involved the tragic death of a young child who was struck by a vehicle operated by Hassett & George’s client.  The client initially faced multiple charges including felony evasion of responsibility. After vigorous and lengthy pretrial motions, and over the passionate objection of the victim’s family, the case was resolved by a nolo contendre plea on a single misdemeanor charge. This avoided long-term impact on the client and no incarceration. The case was handled by Attorney Ray Hassett.

Attorneys Hassett and Yale Fight and Prevail For Client Against State

Attorneys Ray Hassett and David Yale succeeded on behalf of their client in response to the State of Connecticut’s Motion To Dismiss. Hassett & George’s client, a senior executive in the State College system, is pursuing a claim against the State for failure to pay wages and benefits, which she claims are due.  The State moved to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that it was immune from liability and did not have an obligation to pay the wages claimed.  The court sided with Hassett & George’s legal position and ruled that our client has properly asserted bona fide claims in its pleadings against the State.  This significant victory will allow our client to continue to pursue her day in court. 

H&G Recovers $1.1M For Client Whose Account Was Drained of $400,000

In June 2016, an elderly woman discovered that her CD account with a local bank, which should have contained approximately $400,000.00, had a zero balance.  A bank employee had been taking money from her account for years, and creating false transactions and paperwork to hide her activities.  Attorneys Michael Conroy and Raymond Hassett got involved, and with the assistance of some top notch forensic work by local CPA Tim McCarthy, were able to recover over $1.1 million for the client in less than four months, without having to file suit.  The bank also paid all legal and accounting fees.


In November of 2016, the Plaintiff litigation team at Hassett & George assisted its clients in collecting over $500,000.00 in damages for various personal injury clients.  The first case involved a claim of false arrest against a department store resulting in a resolution in excess of $30,000. The second involved a shoulder injury requiring surgery which resulted from an automobile accident. The matter was resolved for $150,000. The next matter involved an automobile accident wherein the plaintiff sustained a dissected carotid  artery which resulted in a resolution of $140,000. The fourth matter was resolved for $125,000.  The accident involved a rear end collision by a box truck resulting in a shoulder injury. There were two settlements wherein Hassett & George collected the policy limits of $25,000 and is now pursuing additional money from their under-insured policies. The last two cases resulted in settlements of $31,000 for neck and back injuries. The litigation team continues to advocate for its clients in various areas of litigation.


In five separate cases thus far in 2016, Michael Conroy represented Hassett & George clients in property damage claims that had been denied or substantially undervalued by their insurance companies.  In these cases, Hassett & George's clients suffered extensive damage to commercial and residential properties as a result of severe weather or accidental fires. Four of the claims had been denied in their entirety, and the fifth had generated a trivial settlement offer.  Attorney Conroy was able to resolve the five cases, recovering a total of over $1,300,000 for our clients.  

Louis George and Jeffrey McDonald resolved a multi-year bad faith insurance coverage case wherein the insurance agency and insurance company combined to pay $350,000 to the clients of Hassett & George for a motor vehicle liability coverage dispute.


In October of 2016, Hassett & George represented two plaintiffs who were seriously injured in a drunk driving accident.  When the at-fault driver’s insurance did not provide just compensation, Hassett & George pursued under-insured motorist claims with the clients’ own insurance company.  When the insurance company refused to pay anything on the claims, Hassett & George tried the case to a jury in New Britain Superior Court.  Following three days of evidence, the jury returned a verdict in excess of $265,000 in favor of Hassett & George’s clients.

Community News


Hassett & George's Director of Finance, Maura Cockey, doesn't just work hard while she's in the office......she's also devotes much of her time outside the office to promoting the sport of curling.  As President of the Nutmeg Curling Club, Maura is leading an effort to educate children and adults about curling.  She and her husband were recently featured in an article in the Milford Mirror.

Business Leaders Breakfast

Congratulations to Lou George and the Board of the Simsbury Chamber of Commerce for a successful event.  We were thrilled to have Rebecco Lobo and Mayor Erin Stewart as keynote speakers.  The Business Leaders Breakfast is a true testament to the thriving business community in the Farmington Valley, and we are proud to be a part of it.



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